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August 14th 2019

A law for Epstein’s victims: New York State opens the way to redress old wrongs

As the Jeffrey Epstein story inundates the press and social media feeds, I am continually struck by these five words: “Some as young as 14.” Many, if not most, of Epstein’s victims, were children.

August 13th 2019

Justice ‘warriors’ for childhood sex abuse victims hail opening of one-year window to file claims, but vow to fight on to widen that opportunity

There were times it seemed there’d be no justice, that the relentless agony of their sexual abuse as children would be ignored.

May 10th 2019

My Turn: Kathryn Robb: Safety of children outweighs constitutionality

The anchor of hope is the official Rhode Island seal and beautifully depicted in the state flag. An anchor, symbolizing safety, keeps ships secure in the harbor, safe from being swept away by dangerous winds and currents.

April 18th 2019

House-passed statute of limitations bills are ‘Trojan horses’ of reform. Here’s why | Opinion

When the Pennsylvania state Senate considers the duo of House Bill 962 and House Bill 963, respectively introduced by Reps. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks,and James Gregory, R-Blair, we should all consider re-reading Homer, as a cruel trick is sure to unfold at the feet of countless survivors of child sexual abuse.

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